Krama artspace is a dance studio located in the historical city centre of Athens within five minutes distance from  Monastiraki metro station, Omonia and ten minutes walk from Syntagma square.


It is a single space of total 120 m2 without columns and a 100m2 surface with high-tech shock absorption floor that provides levels of comfort and safety suited to all types of  dance, yoga and pilates.

The sound in krama artspace is provided by a self-supporting sound console, Soundsation PMX-8UBT 2x300Ω and four 100W two-way speakers
omnitronic 1x8 ".

The heating and cooling of the space are by air-conditioning and there are a small kitchen and a WC in the space as well as a table with stalls suitable for 12 people.

Krama artspace is a silent, ideal place for dance classes, pilates and workshops, contemporary dance theatre and dance rehearsals, yoga, exhibitions, shootings and events.





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